October 17, 2013

Greg & Lizzy

Because I know y'all are hungry ... I simply had to share this!

After a long wait, Dumb Ox Ministries announces the much anticipated official studio release of To the Dust, the debut album from Greg&Lizzy, a newlywed couple-turned-dynamic-musical-duo. After marrying in 2012, Greg and Lizzy Boudreaux naturally began writing and sharing songs from the heart of their relationship, offering healthy doses of humor and joy, along with fears, trials, and the ultimate triumph of authentic love. To the Dust is a collection of 13 original songs inspired by their own experiences of love, faith, and marriage. Expressed via sincere artistry and lyrical depth, which is never forced and often surprising, the entire album is infused with poetic insights born from Blessed John Paul II's teachings on authentic love.

Though relatively new to performing as a duo, these two artists have been sharing their hearts as worship leaders for years across the US and internationally. Greg&Lizzy offers a rich tapestry of hope with a musical effort that moves across the expanse of the human heart, exploring some of the greatest joys and deepest trials of loving another faithfully.

Recently, on October 4th, the digital release steadily climbed the charts on iTunes throughout its first day there! Get your own copy of To the Dust! 

To learn more about Greg&Lizzy, check out their Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter @gregandlizzy. You can also follow our ministry as a whole on Twitter @DumbOxTeam.