December 6, 2015

Theotokos: Introduction for the Second Week of Advent

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Theotokos: Introduction for the 2nd Week of Advent

The rugged countryside of northern Galilee was flanked in the south by the hill country of Judah.  Mary had relatives spread wide throughout Israel, and many of them dwelt in the south, not far from Jerusalem. Zechariah and Elizabeth were in that number,  for Luke 1:39 says that Zechariah and Elizabeth lived in the “town of Judah.”

Luke 1:5-25 paints a prelude of Mary’s Annunciation. God was up to something, for not only were miracles abounding in Nazareth, but God had also breathed life into Elizabeth’s barren womb (Luke 1:24). The Angel Gabriel informed Mary of Elizabeth’s miracle (Luke 1:36) and the Theotokos had lots to unpack after Gabriel left.

Our retreat began in Nazareth, but, as Gabriel departs the scene changes, and so too does our setting.
With divine life stirring inside, Mary sets out for Judah.

As Mary journeys to Elizabeth we will go with her.

Our second week of Advent brings us to Judah.

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