November 6, 2013

Fr. Gallen: November 6 Update

Update from Ireland: November 6, 2013

My brothers and sisters at Christ the Redeemer:

Wanted to send a brief update this morning in regards these special days with Fr. Gallen.

First: an update from Ireland. Fr. Gallen's sister, Mary, arrived in Ireland yesterday. With her arrival his entire family is now with him. By way of reminder, Fr. Gallen is the oldest  of six children: Charlie (wife: Mary), Mary (husband: Joe), Jimmy (wife: Marie), Tommy (wife: Maura) & Josephine (husband: Jim). The entire Gallen family is now gathered with Fr. Gallen. Fr. Gallen remains in the hospital. 

Fr. Gallen fell on Monday, October 28th. He was at home resting after a morning of chemotherapy. Weakened from the treatment, he attempted to walk and fell at home. The fall, while scary in and of itself, did leave him with a cut on his head requiring stitches and hospitalization. He has not left the hospital since the fall. He is comfortable. He is getting the best medical treatment possible. His family does have the privilege of being with him round the clock. Fr. Gallen and his family remain at the hospital waiting ...

Second: an update from things here in the parish. On Tuesday:
  • We sent an email to all those in our parish database informing the parish of the news
  • We contacted both Bishop Fabre and Bishop Jacobs
  • We contacted both Sacred Heart in Morgan City and St. Mary's in Raceland (Fr. Gallen's former parishes)
  • The Diocese sent an email to all the priest and deacons
  • We took the next step in conversation (begun previously with the Pastoral Council) as how we as a parish might respond on the eventual day and soon later celebrate his life

Today, your team here in the office will meet with representatives of the Pastoral Council and other organizations to further prepare for the eventual day. Planning now with prudence and discernment helps us enter these sacred days more prepared and interiorly recollected.

Third: I would like to invite everyone of us in the parish family to a special spiritual exercise. 3:00 PM is affectionately known as "The Hour of Divine Mercy". As Christ who is our Redeemer died at 3:00 PM, the 3:00 PM hour has long been regarded as a sacred time each day. Therefore, I would like everyone of us to pause everyday at 3:00 PM and pray (1) an Our Father, (2) a Hail Mary, and (3) a Glory be to the Father. These three simple prayers all prayed at the same hour, will bind us as a parish family and petition God to bestow graces upon our beloved Fr. Gallen. Set your alarm. Fix your phone. Leave a sticky note on your computer. Do whatever it takes. All us ... no matter where we are ... let's pause every day ... starting today ... and pray for Fr. Gallen ... everyday at 3:00 PM.

As we know more we'll share more. We're all in this together ... let's keep praying ...

Fr. Mark