November 8, 2013

Fr. Gallen: November 8 Update

Update from Ireland: November 8, 2013

My brothers and sisters at Christ the Redeemer:

Wanted to continue to update you this morning in regards these special days with Fr. Gallen.

First: an update from Ireland. There is no significant news to report in regards to Fr. Gallen. We did receive an update from his sister, Josephine. She reported "a good night" where "he seemed to rest better." As has been available, members of Fr. Gallen's family are "rotating" staying with him around the clock. Again, Fr. Gallen is comfortable. He is getting the best comfort care possible.

Second: an update from things here in the parish. Yesterday, we finalized the detailed arrangements for the eventual day. We also spoke with Fr. Pat O'Brien! He sounds great! He's bouncing back from his own health challenges, but seemed in good spirits. He asked about the parish, inquired about Fr. Gallen specifically, and mentioned that he prays for the parish family at Christ the Redeemer daily. He passes on hellos to all of us here in Thibodaux. We laughed a lot, for merely hearing his voice is a delight.

Third: it seems as if well over 1,000 of us here in Thibodaux are praying at the hour of Divine Mercy! Keep it up! Again, 3:00 PM is affectionately known as "The Hour of Divine Mercy". As Christ who is our Redeemer died at 3:00 PM, the 3:00 PM hour has long been regarded as a sacred time each day. Therefore, I would like everyone of us to pause everyday at 3:00 PM and pray (1) an Our Father, (2) a Hail Mary, and (3) a Glory be to the Father. These three simple prayers all prayed at the same hour, will bind us as a parish family and petition God to bestow graces upon our beloved Fr. Gallen. Set your alarm. Fix your phone. Leave a sticky note on your computer. Do whatever it takes. All us ... no matter where we are ... let's pause every day ... starting today ... and pray for Fr. Gallen ... everyday at 3:00 PM.

See y'all this weekend!

Again, as we know more we'll share more. We're all in this together ... let's keep praying ...

Fr. Mark