June 8, 2014

Sunday, June 8: Sabbath


Who is at IPF today:
•   169 seminarians in the 10-week Summer Program of Spiritual Formation
•   12 priests in the Seminar for Seminary Spiritual Directors

What are they doing today?

Today the seminarians are off. During the summer they are traditionally free on weekend, encouraged to experience parish life within the Archdiocese of Omaha as they are led. They gather at 9:00 PM for an orientation of the week followed by Night Prayer.

Today the priests in the Seminar for Seminary Spiritual Directors continue their weekend of prayer before they start class tomorrow. Let's keep the 12 priests in prayer as they experience their weekend retreat.

"Sacred Scripture (cf. Genesis 1-2) tells us that the family, work and holidays are gifts and blessings to help us to live a fully human life. ... In our day, unfortunately, the organization of work, conceived of and implemented in terms of market competition and the greatest profit, and the conception of a holiday as an opportunity to escape and to consume commodities, contribute to dispersing the family and the community and spreading an individualistic lifestyle. It is therefore necessary to promote reflection and commitment which aim at reconciling the needs and schedule of work with those of the family. They must also aim at recovering the true meaning of celebration, especially on Sunday"
— Pope Benedict XVI

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